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The Coromandel, with its pristine beaches, native forests and laid-back vibe, is one of New Zealand’s most popular and best-loved holiday destinations. A binocular’s view across the gulf from Auckland, the Coromandel is everything that a big city isn’t. Cloaked in native rainforest with dazzling white sand beaches, it is rustic, unspoiled and relaxed.

Activities and attractions are plentiful, from fishing and diving to hiking and cycling. You might choose skydiving in Whitianga or a guided sea kayak tour around the coast. For the more adventurous there’s Sleeping God Canyon, a 300m vertical descent down a set of waterfalls. The Coromandel is the home of many artists and craftspeople. It’s also the home of many events and concerts that draw locals and visitors alike to this remarkable place.

Top Things to See and Do: 

  1. Tuhua: a dormant volcano with a marine reserve off its northern end
  2. Go big game fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving
  3. Enjoy unique thermal mineral pools at Hot Water Beach
  4. Te-Wanganui-A Hei Marine Reserve
  5. Kayak around Cathedral Cove
  6. Throw a line out on a kayak fishing tour
  7. Take a boat cruise around The Coromandel’s beaches and sea cave

Travel Tips:

As New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, it has opposite seasons to those living in the northern half of the world.

Weather/ Climate: 

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius)  Seasonal Comments
Spring  9°C to 18°C
Summer 14°C to 23°C
Fall  11°C to 20°C
Winter 8°C to 15°C
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