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Welcome to the youngest territory of Canada, settled over four thousand years ago, recognized as distinctly Canadian in 1999. Nunavummiut are deeply pleased to invite visitors into their lovely home, into one of the largest unspoiled natural paradises on the planet. People from everywhere are cordially invited to come here and enjoy the arctic wildlife and the Inuit way of life, to explore the top of the world and be dazzled by the vivid dancing hues of the Aurora Borealis.

12 Day High Arctic Explorer

Duration: 12 Days (11 Nights)
From $6995

On this trip, we seek the wilds and the wonders of the Arctic, in the […]

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17 Day Into the Northwest Passage Expedition Cruise

Duration: 17 Days / 16 Nights
From $17690

The Northwest Passage represents the pinnacle of Arctic exploration. On this trip, like the explorers […]

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4 Day Summer Arctic Discovery

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights)
From $3085

Experience an authentic adventure in Nunavut’s capital. Baffin Island awaits, home to Iqaluit, capital of […]

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4 Day Winter Arctic Discovery

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights)
From $3085

Experience an authentic adventure in Nunavut’s capital. Imagine, it’s winter and you’re travelling to the […]

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6 Day Canadian Arctic Summer and Ottawa

Duration: 6 Days (5 Nights)
From $3945

Discover the colour, vibrancy, and tranquility of an Arctic summer combined with a break in […]

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Inukpak Outfitting

From $Pricing on request

A territory larger than life, Nunavut’s horizon stretches out to infinity. The indescribable beauty of […]

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Arctic Bay

Located at the entrance to Sirmilik National Park, Arctic Bay is a traditional Inuit community nestled between mountains and ocean. Arctic Bay, also known as ‘Ikpiarjuk’ in Inuktitut, meaning ‘The Pocket’, has an archeological and oral history showing that Inuit have inhabited the area for thousands of years. Today, Arctic Bay is also home to many of Nunavut’s finest photographers, capturing the stunning landscapes of mountains and the ocean.

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Resolute Bay

Resolute is one of the most fascinating communities in Nunavut. Because of the long winter night in the extreme north of Nunavut, its Inuktitut name is Qausuittuq meaning ‘place with no dawn’. Located on Resolute Bay, it was a critical junction along the Northwest Passage in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was named for the British ship, HMS Resolute, abandoned in 1850 while searching for the Northwest Passage and the lost Franklin expedition.

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Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik- Place where Mitima is buried) is renowned for its scenery. Located at the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage on the Eclipse Sound and overlooking famous Bylot Island, mountain ranges are viewable in all directions and icebergs often dot the ocean. Pond Inlet provides you with intimate access to marine mammals such as narwhal and beluga whales, migratory birds, and polar bears. Pond Inlet also has unique trips for those seeking something different - bicycle atop the sea ice and parasail above gigantic glaciers. This is the perfect spot to indulge your arctic fantasies.

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Canada’s newest capital will provide you with a fascinating glimpse of the Nunavut territory and its ever-changing culture. The bustling capital is a modern Inuit community, home to Inuit people from around the Territory as well as proud newcomers from around the world. Set along the spectacular hills of Frobisher Bay, Iqaluit (Inuktitut for ‘Place of Many Fish) is a sparkling jewel in Nunavut’s crown.

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Whether it’s hiking or trekking, kayaking or dogsledding, boat touring or snowmobiling, listening or chatting, a journey in the arctic will reward in unexpected ways. It is not so much what we see, but what we feel, standing on the edge of land-fast sea-ice, the Arctic Ocean before us, that changes our perspective on the world.

Top 10 Things to See and Do:

  1. Photograph the mythical unicorn of the sea – the narwhal
  2. Ride in a qamutik (traditional Inuit sled) across an open lead in the sea ice
  3. Learn the skill of Igloo building from an Inuit hunter
  4. Learn the art of traditional Inuit throat singing
  5. Smell the bitter sweet scent of a purple saxifrage, the Nunavut flower
  6. Feel the history resonate from the abandoned Inuit camps, rocky graves and tent rings
  7. Taste muktuk, whale blubber
  8. Dance under the magic of the Midnight Sun. Experience the 24 hour daylight
  9. Reel in an Arctic Char from the Arctic Ocean
  10. Create an arctic melody on a traditional Inuit drum

Travel Tips:

There is a significant amount of private Inuit-owned land in Nunavut. However, boundaries are rarely marked. Access restrictions apply to visitors travelling inside the Nunavut Settlement Area, while fishing is also restricted in certain places. Visitors are responsible for learning the restrictions that apply to the specific areas they wish to enter. This information is available at the following Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website:

Weather/ Climate:

When visitors are properly dressed for the arctic, in multiple layers, they will enjoy their time better. Except for the short summer season in Nunavut — which is equivalent to cool spring or fall conditions in most of southern Canada, northern USA and Europe — the rest of the year requires warm, insulated clothing. Warm, insulated boots are vital, also a down-filled parka with hood, windproof outer pants, plus mittens and a warm hat. Visitors should bring sunblock lotion and good quality sunglasses, with UV protection. For the summertime, especially near the seashore, a set of breathable rain gear, top and bottom, is desirable. For hiking on rocky trails, or across the tundra, good quality footwear with ankle support is best.

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