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Taupo was created nearly two thousand years ago by a volcanic eruption so big it darkened the skies in Europe and China. Visit the Craters of the Moon and you'll see evidence of the lake's fiery birth in the geysers, steaming craters and boiling mud pools. At some of Lake Taupo's beaches, swimmers and paddlers can enjoy warm, geothermal water currents.

16 Day Highlights of New Zealand

Duration: 16 Days (15 Nights)
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Explore all the iconic attractions of the North and South islands such as the breathtaking […]

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Taupo is a great lake for water-skiing, sailing and kayaking. The Maori rock carvings at Mine Bay, which can only be seen from the water, make for a great boat trip or kayaking excursion. The forests surrounding the lake offer hiking and mountain biking that suit all levels of experience. But what Taupo is really known for is fishing. The town of Turangi has the largest natural trout fishery in the world; this is the place to cast a line and look for the big one.

Top Things to See and Do:

  1. Take a boat or kayak and cruise around secluded coves and beaches
  2. Visit the intricate Maori Rock carvings at Mine Bay
  3. Go fly-fishing with a local guide on the Tongariro River
  4. Explore the geothermal area of mud pools at Craters of the Moon
  5. Walk the famous Tongariro Crossing
  6. Take a jet boat to the foot of Huka Falls
  7. Tandem skydive for a jet’s eye view of Lake Taupo
  8. White water rafting, adventure kayaking or canoeing
  9. Ski on an active volcano

Travel Tips:

As New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, it has opposite seasons to those living in the northern half of the world.

Weather/ Climate: 

Season: Temperature Range (Celsius)  Seasonal Comments
Spring  7°C to 17°C
Summer 11°C to 23°C
Fall  8°C to 18°C
Winter 3°C to 12°C
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