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If you’re looking for a holiday destination that is unspoilt, un-commercialised and back to basics, then Tonga is the place for you! The Kingdom of Tonga is the only remaining constitutional monarchy in the Pacific. The island nation that has almost been forgotten by the modern world has a proud historical and cultural heritage combined with a strong focus on religion. The main island is Tongatapu and home to the capital Nuku'alofa. Spend a couple of days here exploring the history on the island or take a short boat ride to one of the outer islands and sit back and relax on the white sandy beaches. The other islands of Vavu'u and Ha'apai offer you the opportunity to truly experience the remoteness, beauty and culture of Tonga. And like other South Pacific nations Tonga has been blessed with warm waters and abundant marine life, it is a great place to learn to dive, try kayaking, or do some whale watching!

13 Day South Pacific Island Explorer: Fiji, Tonga and Samoa

Duration: 13 Days (12 Nights)
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On this three-nation South Pacific Islands cultural tour, you will spend time in some very […]

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The Kingdom of Tonga has a multitude of adventure holiday activities whether you want to be active from morning to night or prefer relaxing on a private beach soaking up the sun. Enjoy a variety of activities on every island group in the Kindom. Explore the sheltered and uncrowded lagoons and atolls, getting a unique perspective on Tonga’s pristine landscapes

Top Things to See and Do:

  1. Swim with the whales. Tonga is one of the few places in the world where you can still swim with the whales.
  2. Dive with sea turtles, manta rays, tuna, marlin and wahoo, exploring some of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet
  3. Snorkel with your family. Tonga is renowed for crystal clear waters, a huge variety of tropical fish species and coral.
  4. Take a double kayak and go on a couples escape.
  5. Hike through villages and up Mt Talau for brilliant island views
  6. With 176 islands scattered across over 700,000 square kilometres of Pacific Ocean, Tonga’s protected coral reefs and atolls, safe anchorages and reliable marine breezes makes it one of the planet’s finest locations for sailing. Take a sailing tour to experience this for yourself.
  7. Find a private, deserted beach and just relax

Travel Tips:

Tongan is the official language of the Kingdom, and English is spoken by most Tongans.

Tonga’s businesses operate Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm and on Saturday from 8.30am to 12noon. On Sunday most businesses are closed, including restaurants, cafes and bars however food is still available from bakeries, hotels and resorts. Go on, adapt yourself to Tonga Time and enjoy living life at a gentle Island pace….

The Tongan dollar is the Pa’anga (TOP) and comes in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar denominations. Most major credit cards are accepted in Tonga and there are over 200 EFTPOS outlets, however it is recommended that you always have cash on you as there are a number of outlets that don’t have electronic facilities and accept cash only. Some cafes and guest houses only accept cash, also taxi drivers don’t carry large amounts of cash, so carrying small denomination notes is a good idea.

While casual wear is acceptable, beachwear should be confined to the beach and travellers should be mindful of their dress. It is not legal for men and women to go shirtless in public and remember that Sunday is regarded as a sacred day. Tongan clothing culture is conservative. Tongan’s generally swim fully clothed. It is against the law in Tonga to be topless in public (men and women). If you are a traveller staying at tourist accommodation then this law doesn’t apply. There are times when you need to cover your shoulders and knees, especially if you are planning to participate in an island church service.

Weather/ Climate:

Tonga’s climate is warm, tropical and welcoming. Temperatures are warm all year round and can get hot in the summer, but seldom reach above 35°C

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